Let the fun in with Padlet…

Hello my fellow friends! It has been almost a week so if you see piles of dust all over the place, ignore them! I’m back with an assignment for this week. I’ve created a “Padlet” on Freedom with a group of friends. Before i go in details with the project I would like to talk… Continue reading Let the fun in with Padlet…



Hello everyone! I'm back with another post. I know what you're thinking, and yes you're right, I'm pretty quick. Jokes aside, this week our assignment in Instructional technologies and material design was to create a wiki page with a review of a book that we read. I wanted to write a review on Yukio Mishima's… Continue reading Wikibooks

A Full of Mystery Podcast

Hello everyone! It has been a week since i posted on this blog. Today i'm going to post something that i had fun while creating. As you may know, "A linguaphile's Notes" was created as part of an assignment for "Instructional technologies and material design" lesson. Another task we had, was to create a podcast.… Continue reading A Full of Mystery Podcast

“CALL” Me Maybe?

Hello my fellow audience, It is such a great day to talk about an innovative learning as the 12th March is the birthday of the internet. It is hard to deny the need of technology in our lives as it facilitates everything around us. Since the technology started to develop, it affected the field of… Continue reading “CALL” Me Maybe?

The learning of this century -The learning we need, the skills we need-

Hello my fellow audience, There is nothing in this world that time has changed, including foreign language teaching. Era by era we’ve seen how our learning or teaching adapted to the circumstances we lived in. Unfortunately we’ve also continued with the same learning skills in different periods of time. But; educators, methodologists and teaching experts… Continue reading The learning of this century -The learning we need, the skills we need-